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The Developing Men of Valour Tour is about our young people paying homage to Men of Valour, identifying role models, developing their mental wellness, physical wellness, academic pathways, character and work ethic.

The opportunity to be able to travel overseas and connect globally is a highlight, but this trip is about much more. It’s about our students aspiring to a positive future and DARING TO DREAM… Big!

Last year, students on our Developing Men of Valour Tour 2018 travelled to Europe, to Caterpillar Valley in France to what is known as the Battle of Somme, to honour our fallen Pioneer Soldiers. It was a life changing experience.

This year our students will head to the cemetery in Cassino, Italy. Our students will pay tribute to the history of their ancestors and will focus on examples of “Men of Valour” within the context of positive male Māori and Pasifika role models

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DMOV19 $1 Cabbage Fundraiser

We were privileged to be gifted a field full of cabbages to support our fundraising efforts. Our boys harvested, cleaned and sold out of the cabbages to earn funds for their travels.

Support our Fundraising efforts

Our young people are committed to earning funds to support their travel. Last year this included employment in the following: Primary Industries; Horticulture, Tourism, Hospitality, Civil Infrastructure, Transport, Retail Trade and Event Management. This year our boys intention is to do the same, so if you have any work opportunities please let us know.

if you have any work opportunities for our boys to fundraise please let us know


with the subject line “DMOV19 Work Opportunity”

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Massive thank you to Greater Than for partnering with us to bring this years Valour Merch.
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All purchases will support our boys and their fundraising efforts for this years Developing Men of Valour Tour (DMOV19)

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DMOV18 - Paris, Louvre Museum.

DMOV18 - Paris, Louvre Museum.